Blog – Betonstopfen für die Avantgarde

We are happy to take part in a project like this, even with a simple part such as a concrete cone, because even avant-garde needs concrete cones.

Berlin has a new architectural highlight!


fter a design by Rem Koolhaas, an avant-garde 3-point throw was created in the former newspaper district.

The 300 million project began in October 2016. It is supposed to be more than just a building. It stands for the changes in media, digitalization and a new way of working.

The aim is to create a building that unites opposites. Open, communicational atmosphere and a quiet, noiseless ambiance. This also includes a harmonious appearance of the exposed concrete surfaces with matching concrete cones.

This is ensured by a light-flooded structure with a 45 meter high atrium. Inside the cube people can meet each other on terraces. The light pierces through giant, tinted, three dimensional windowpanes into the inside. Much more makes for a special place.

Also 30.000 MARO – Sleeve Cones 22/50/10 and fitting concrete seals for closing them are embedded in this exceptional building. Supplied by our local agent. Schulz Baubedarf GmbH, Ludwigsfelde. The sleeve cones that were needed for the clamping points and the appropriate concrete seals are small detail products. By tightening these clamping points with anchor rods, the pressure of the fluid concrete is caught and the formwork is stabilized. Small details that fade away alongside impressive features such as the exterior or the spatial concept – But they are also necessary and it shows the perfection of the building project that alsp places high demands on these details.

High-quality exposed concrete includes sharp-edged anchor points and matching concrete seals.

On the page the development process, the planning implementation and the construction phase are impressively described. The tour of the construction site with the project manager, during which the current status of work is explained, is impressive. You can sense the rising tension and anticipation of the contributors.

MARO Concrete Seals for the new Axel-Springer building.
Three dimensional glass facade of the new Axel Springer building
MARO delivers concrete seals for modern architecture in Berlin
View from Axel-Springer-Str./Schützenstraße