MARO® - ccessories for the perfect tie point

In the MARO® product portfolio, you will of course also find everything you need to prepare and finish the work and to seal the tie point. Below you will find all the details about our adhesives for concrete cones and tools.

MARO® - Adhesives

MARO® adhesive for interior and exterior use in waterproofing and fire retardant areas.

MARO® – Power Adhesive

Supplied in 310 ml cartridges for bonding exposed concrete cones. By using a squeeze gun, the adhesive can be applied precisely to the tie point.

This significantly reduces the risk of contamination or even damage to exposed concrete surfaces. The adhesive is also suitable for waterproof areas (waterproof-tested with 5 cm plugs). Test report is available.

Article number : 99 104 000

MARO® Fire Resistance Adhesive FW

MARO® FW adhesive (building material class A1) in accordance with DIN 4102-1 for indoor use. Available in a practical 310 ml cartridge. A test report for use in conjunction with plastic clamping points and a general building authority test certificate are available.

Article number: 99 103 300

MARO® - Foam Sealing Rings for Sealing Cones

MARO® sealing foam rings. Self-adhesive for Sealing Cones from e.g. Dy.Co DSI Dywidag or Meva.
The cones and steel plastic cones shown are not included in the scope of delivery.

MARO® sealing foam ring 40/10

Suitable for a 22/10 cone. Self-adhesive.

Article number: 70000199

PU 1250 pieces

MARO® sealing foam ring 60/18

Suitable for MEVA XT and PERI MX DR 22, self-adhesive.
Available in 3mm and 10mm thickness

3mm article number: 71000999
10mm Article number: 71001099

PU 100 pieces

MARO® sealing foam ring 60/18

Suitable for DSI Diwidag steel-plastic cone SKK15

3mm Article number: 71000999

PU 100 pieces

MARO® sealing foam ring 71/24

Suitable for DSI Diwidag steel-plastic cone SKK20

10mm Article number: 70001100

PU 100 pieces

MARO® - Tie Point Post-processing

MARO® – Key

The MARO® cone spanner is used to recover Sealing Cones. Turned from steel with a conical thread. The spanner removes the Conus without damaging the tie point and is suitable for Sealing Cones with an internal diameter of 22 mm. Suitable for MARO® cones in the 22 series.

Article number: 99 8871 02

MARO® milling cutter

Tie points that have been overtightened can be reworked with the MARO® milling cutter.
To do this, the attachment is clamped in a drill (with SDS holder) and carefully milled out.

Item number: 99 8875 00

MARO® cone saver

The MARO® cone rescuer exposes lost cones. A cutter with a suitable guide for 22 mm Cones removes protruding material so that the Conus can be pulled out.

Below you will find a video on the application.

Article number: 99 8875 05
MARO Spannstellenfräse Betonkosmetik

MARO® HD spanner

The MARO® Heavy Duty spanner was developed for cones that have been overtightened and therefore cannot be pulled with the “small” spanner.

Extra leverage for problematic cones.

Article number: 99 8871 03
MARO Heavy Durty Konenschlüssel

Spare parts for the MARO® - Milling Cutter

To replace the wearing parts

Shank with SDS holder for MARO® milling cutter

Item number: 99887504
MARO Spannstellenfräse Betonkosmetik

Guide head for MARO® milling cutter

Item number: 99887503
MARO Spannstellenfräse Betonkosmetik

Replacement blade for MARO® router

Item number: 99887502
MARO Spannstellenfräse Betonkosmetik

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