MARO®- Accessories

In the MARO® product portfolio you can of course find everything you need for preparation and follow-up work, as well as for closing of the tie point.

MARO® – Key

The MARO®-Cone Key is used for the recovery of Sealing Cones. Made of steel turned with conical thread. The spanner removes the cone without damaging the tie point and is suitable for Sealing Cones with an inner diameter of 22 mm. Suitable for MARO® cones of the 22 series.

MARO®-Power Adhesive

Supplied in 310 ml cartridge for gluing in exposed concrete cones. By using a squeeze gun, the adhesive can be neatly applied to the tie point.

The risk of impurities or even damage to exposed concrete surfaces is therefore significantly reduced. The adhesive is also suitable for waterproof areas (waterproof-tested with 5 cm plugs). Test report available.

MARO®-Fire Resistant Adhesive FW

MARO®-FW adhesive (building material class A1) according to DIN 4102-1 for interior use. Available in practical 310 ml cartridge. A test report for use in conjunction with plastic tie points and a general test certificate from the building authorities are available.

MARO®-Milling Tool

Tie points that have been tightened too much can be can be reworked with the MARO®- Milling Tool.
The attachment is inserted into a drill (with SDS attachment) and the tie point is carefully milled out.

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