Exposed concrete cone for the SPC - receded

Strongly receded exposed concrete cone for steel-plastic compound cones (SPC).

Concrete cone for sealing of a steel-plastic compound cone (SPC) with a 22mm interior diameter. For a 15mm anchor rod.

Reference Products:

SPC e.g. from Dywidag-Systems.

Technical data of the mortar:
  • Grit size: 0 – 0,5 mm
  • Compressive strength: 7 days after production >= 55N/mm²
  • Compressive strength: 28 days after production >= 65N/mm²
  • Dangerous goods class: No dangerous goods
Properties of the mortar:

cement-bound – chloride free, frost and de-icing salt resistant as well as largely resistant to mineral oils and fuels. Fulfills the conditions of building material class A1 (non-combustible) according to DIN 4102-2 and EN 13501Exposure class assignment according to: DIN 1045-2 / EN 206-1XO=0; XC=1,2,3,4; XD=1,2,3; XS=1,2,3; XF=1,2,3; XA=1,2; XM=1

Color Variants:

Pigments up to 25 % of the weight of the dry mixture.


Interior (dry) MARO® fire protection adhesive, exterior (no drinking water) MARO® power adhesive

Weight per piece:


Pieces per Package:

45 Stück

Stock goods:

Production goods with approx. 2-3 weeks delivery time.