Sleeve Cone 22/50/10 V2 Type B

Production of clamping points

Tensioning of the formwork according to a defined anchor grid. Production of sharp-edged, bleeding and discoloration-free tie points by means of a support cone with a closed-cell 10 mm thick sealing foam ring on the formwork side and a rear sealing foam ring between the spreader and the support cone. Pre-cut fixed lengths are to be used as expansion pipes. Cutting of the expansion pipes by the customer must be avoided.  Support cone height = 50 mm. The formwork anchor has to be re-tensioned during the concreting process.

The subsequent closing of the clamping points is done with suitable sealing cones. These are to be sampled in advance and are approved by the customer.

Product for planning: MARO®– Sleeve Cone 22/50/10 V2 Typ B .

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