black exposed Concrete

Particularly exposed concrete architecture requires special detailed solutions.

The concrete facade is soft-drawn with a structured surface. This is a nice contrast to the pointed edges. The dark anthracite of the concrete appears massive. This is addressed by the large, free intermediate levels.

In order to ensure that the anchor points of the site-cast concrete components do not cause any disturbance in the defined sections, the color and surface of the sealing cones were precisely matched. You can get an overview of our possibilities by using our clamping point mock-up.  They are no longer visible in the overall picture of the object.

To obtain the exact structure of the concrete surfaces, formwork elements from the construction site were brought to the MARO® GmbH production facility and used there.

schwarzer Sichtbeton.
The residential and office building L40 in Berlin Mitte was built of black exposed concrete with a rough surface.
Passende Verschlusskegel.
MARO supplied the matching concrete closing cones so that the effect of the exposed concrete surface is not disturbed. These were adapted to the concrete surface in terms of both color and surface finish.

This is what invisible clamping point closures “look” like.