Concrete Details

The details make the difference. A private construction site in Adelsried shows how important details are for harmonious exposed concrete.

Clamping points are almost unavoidable in the construction of concrete walls. The anchors are used to span the formwork so that it can withstand the pressure of the concrete. This leaves round openings with a diameter of approx. 4 cm. In exposed concrete, these anchor points are also a characteristic detail.  The first starting point for the use of MARO products are the corresponding MARO sleeve cones. Not only do they prevent bleeding and silting up of the anchoring point due to their double safety, later on it is also guaranteed that the closing cones fit into the openings.

Something disrupts the impression of the concrete surfaces when the anchor points are missing. Prefabricated parts that are concreted in the factory and where the tensioning can be dispensed with are sometimes fitted with “blind plugs” that indicate anchor points.
The Mohr family wanted the right concrete cones for their anchor points. The concrete cones chosen for this purpose should have the right color and surface. If the concrete cone is not nearly the same color as the concrete wall, it will stand out and distort the image.
The perfect closing cones for anchor points in exposed concrete construction are available without disturbing the image.

Further pictures of the interior of the fair-faced concrete show how a tension can be built up from a clever mixture of the cool and solid looking concrete and invigorating details.

In the stairwell, the anchor points fade into the background and let the LED lights work in the concrete.

Successful combination: A high-quality concrete staircase with wooden treads and a glass partition wall.
Kamin in einer Sichtbetonwand.
Fireplace in an exposed concrete wall.


Suitable seal for the clamping point.
Cassina 635 RED AND BLUE
The designer armchair 635 RED AND BLUE in front of an exposed concrete wall.


Many thanks to family Mohr for sending the beautiful photos!

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