DLR Bremen

This exposed concrete creates atmosphere. Just the right thing to work on the next space mission. Sober, technocratic concrete leaves room to think about outer space.

The building contractor took it seriously and worked out every small feature in meticulous detail. The quality-critical points, such as formwork spreaders, were purchased as high-quality, precise prefabricated elements with the MARO® sealing cone.

These prefabricated elements were assembled in the MARO® GmbH factory and only needed to be installed to brace the formwork. Thus, error-prone cutting of spreaders on the construction site was avoided. The formwork anchor rods were tensioned with a torque wrench. This ensured that all tie rods were tightened with the same torque. But that’s not all: the contractor also attached importance to a minimum of visible formwork joints. This was achieved with MARO® sealing tapes.

The anchor grid loosens up the total area. The openings of the formwork anchors were closed with MARO® concrete cones with shadow joints. This emphasized these points in detail. (LINK: Impressions of clamping points on the architecture)


Sichtbeton sorgt für eine besondere Atmosphäre.
Sober and und technocratic. Interior design of the DLR.


Close viewing distance. High profile. Every detail of this wall had to fit.

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