Stainless Steel for the “Volksbank”

The Volksbank or Credit Union Bank in Meimingen puts its fair-faced concrete into setting. The seals of anchoring points made of stainless steel creates a contrast to the anthracite-coloured concrete of the foyer. The concrete appears more noble and businesslike.

The massive impression of the concrete walls of the ground floor support the building, both in the figurative and literally sense. In contrast, the upper floor seems light and almost levitating.

The discreet relief in the concrete wall is compared to the usual neon signs a rather reserved but still clear showpiece. It is clear: These aren’t just any business offices, where the nameplate can change any time. The name of the bank has been cast in concrete. The bank stays connected to the building.

The optical border between first and second floor is made quite well. The lighter colored building structure sits weightless on the walls.

Showing instead of hiding. From a technical viewpoint clamping points are almost unavoidable. Instead of covering them, they are emphasized at this Volksbank with stainless steel seals. This conveys the impression: intentional and skilful.

The clamping points are without bleeding effects and sharp edged. The stainless steel cone sits slightly recessed. The matting by the 240 brushing reduces sun reflections, mirror or glare effects.

An elegant detail in contrast with bold wall




If you have any questions about the sharp, bleed-free clamping points and their sealing, we will be happy to advise you.
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