Clamping Point 22/10/5 receded

5 mm receded

Production of anchor points with receded seal.


Tensioning of the formwork according to a defined anchor grid. Production of sharp-edged, bleeding and discoloration-free tie points by means of a support cone with a closed-cell 10 mm thick sealing foam ring on the formwork side and a rear sealing foam ring between the spreader and the support cone.
Support cone height = 10 mm. The formwork tie has to be re-tensioned during the concreting process.

Sealing of the tensioning point with a concrete cone 3-5 mm behind, matching the concrete in terms of color and surface. The sealing is carried out after sampling and after approval by the building owner.

The air-side tensioning points are bonded with a one-component, grey adhesive. Bonding of the room-side clamping points (no damp rooms) with a single-component, non-flammable adhesive. Pre-cut fixed lengths are to be used as expansion tubes. Cutting of the expansion pipes by the customer must be avoided.

Product of planning: MARO® expansion joint 22/10 receded.


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