Sleeve Cone 26/10/10 V2

1 cm cone with sealing ring to the shuttering side and small sealing ring to the shuttering spreader. For 20mm tie rods and 26mm expansion pipe systems

Sleeve cone for the production of a formwork spreader with an inner diameter of 26 mm made of plastic or fibre concrete. Suitable for a 20 mm anchor rods

Reference products

MARO®-Sealing Cone 26/10

MARO®-Sealing Cone 26/05

Technische Daten

Support cone : raw material HDPE (polyethylene) regrind injected.

Sealing rings : Closed cell foam.


The sealing rings ensure that the clamping point is sealed against water loss from the fresh concrete.

The sealing ring on the formwork side prevents water components of the concrete from escaping through the tensioning hole in the formwork. The sealing ring on the spigot prevents water from escaping into the expansion pipe.

Color variants

The cone is red/white so that it can be checked in the course of the visual inspection whether all cones have been clamped in such a way that no sealing ring (red) is visible in relation to the cone (white).

Weight per Piece

ca. 10 gr. per piece

Pieces per Package

100 pieces per box

500 pieces per package